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SEO Expert In London

SEO Expert In London

Just looking at the top of the search engines is a great place to start as this is an indication that this company knows SEO and can not only rank their own web properties but can also rank your website or other digital assets.
Diversifying with using multiple digital assets to blanket the 1st page of the search engines is another great branding and way to dominate your industry.

A results driven SEO company in London is in my opinion the best way to understand the value of the service you are paying for and figure out your ROI (return on investment). No one wants to pay for something and see minimal or no results at all, so paying an SEO company in London on results is a no risk to you.

If you are looking for an SEO company in London who have the capabilities to grow your company at a fast and consistent rate then get in touch with us on 0800 808 5475 and let’s speak about how we can work together to achieve status in your industry.


Google’s favorite animals: Panda and Penguin

Are you guilty of the following? Watch this video to find out on the issues surrounding Google Panda and Penguin. Do not fret and be affected by Google penalties. Do proper SEO and avoid losing money due to lower traffic! Take a look at this!

Google PandaGoogle Penguin


Have you noticed a difference in your website’s numbers? Maybe your website has been penalized by Google?

Your website might have been affected by Google penalties namely Panda and Penguin. With such cute animal names corresponds a website’s trait that Google analyzes and punishes once it knows that the website is guilty of something that dilutes the quality of search engine information found on Google. Google Panda ensures that low quality and poor content websites are pushed down so that high quality sites are prioritized. Meanwhile, Google Penguin catches sites that are spamming to increase their search rankings.

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Misinformation about SEO

Bothered by the various misinformation on the internet about Search Engine Optimization? Getting coSEO-Misinformation-Exposed-300x215nfused on what and what not to do? Well, this is your lucky day since you will have an opportunity to look answer those with this informative video. Some of the issues tackled include “Don’t waste your time vs. I don’t know everything”, “Mass regurgitated half truths”, “Best SEO is private and requires work to understand” and “Different, legitimate approaches”,

Do not be misinformed and be alert. Be informed and sharpen up! Watch this now!

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Inexpensive Internet Marketing Success

Do you want to utilize internet marketing? If not, you have to try it and it will pay dividends for you once utilized properly. Many have tried to use internet marketing as a way to generate more traffic and buzz about their service or product but some have failed and became broke because of this.

Internet Marketing SEO


But with a smart internet marketing strategy this will not happen. Avoid putting yourself under enormous amounts of debt and choose wisely.  This video is short but very helpful to those who would want to use internet marketing and weigh the various possibilities in it. Successful Internet Marketing

Find out if you are up to it and you could be a success. Dare to be different and plan smart. Plan your success by watching this video!

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Search Engine Optimization 101 DIY

Search engine optimization is one of the popular method of marketing in Google. If you have information, products or anything else and can manage to publish it in a website then you need to know about SEO. Normally SEO elaborately search engine optimization which means optimizing your website for Google searchavailability and ranking your site to the top. For SEO you have to keep some info in your knowledge like what influences your rankings, current internet usage stats, different types of SEO tools etc. For ranking a site in Google you have to keep in mind about Keywords researching, analytics and your optimisation opportunity. For more explanation you can watch the video or you can crawl our site.



SEO 101











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Ranking a Site in Google with SEO quickly

Google rank the sites for the user as they can find what they want easily. But the website maker optimize their website, as the people find it easily. It is a frequent incident that many quality content are not ranked as those are not properly optimize or Google find them after date expirancy. So optimizing a site for Google is not a wrong decision. Now questions may arise on your mind how you rank a site and do quickly before your content expirancy. Here are some tips:

The first step is researching. Before making a project you must need to research. You need to know the answer some questions like:

  • What does Google think of your site?
  • What kind of online assets do you have to leverage for SEO?
  • What kind of online assets do you have to leverage for SEO?
  • What kind of competition do you face?
  • How aggressive do you want to be?
  • Are you willing to put a little bit of energy into the process?
  • What kind of opportunities are there for you?
  • How ambitious do you want to be?
  • How easy is it to map out the concepts on your site?

If you want the answer or explanation for these question you have to watch the video. More information about ranking a site in GOOGLE with SEO are provided in this video and you get the answer how to rank quickly.



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Set your own SEO campaign: Strategy [Infographic]

SEO strategy (Infographic)

Set your own SEO campaign:

Setting your own SEO campaign is never been a complicated work but it needed hard work with lot of time. So if you want to set your own campaign you need to make a strategy. Because without proper strategy your all work can go in vain. Here are some key factor cited in the infographic images which should be kept in mind when making strategy.

  • Keyword Research: Keyword research is the first thing you should do when setting your SEO strategy. Because if you don’t know what the people search and the search engine look for your optimisation can go in vain.
  • Opportunity Analysis: Oppurtunity analysis depends on Keyword Research. Which keywords work and which does not work you will know that by researching Keyword.
  • On page SEO: Make your content mixed up with keyword and optimize for search engine. But not over optimize your content.,
  • Off Page SEO: Interlink your page with different sites. This is called Backlinking. Share your content in different social media platforms

Last of all you have to keep in mind that without a plan you can succeed or not but with a plan  you succeed.

SEO strategy Video Explained:

More details of these topics are explained in this video. If you miss something must watch video and research with the topics.



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Top 3 On Page SEO Factors You Should Know

Top 3 On Page SEO Factors: The top 3 on page SEO factors will affect your SEO 90% than other factor you will consider for SEO purposes. The first one is URL(1). If your URL is search friendly then your success in SEO is a matter of time. Then you need to choose your Title(2) very carefully. Because Google also looks through title whenever it crawls for the users search result. With good searchable keyword you can make your post title and it can get the most search hits. Then comes the relevancy of your URLs. For relevancy you must interlink(3) your site with different higher trust flow and citation flow site. It will flow their trust and citation to your sites and google believes it for relevancy. Last of all you don’t need to over optimize for search engine. Because optimization need time and time is money, you can utilize your time to create more SEO friendly content then over optimizing.



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Off Page Search Engine Optimization Explained

Off Page Search Engine Optimization Explained: Good quality, long lasting, safe, powerful Off Page SEO is complicated. Definitely much more complicated than On Page SEO which is much simpler and more under your direct control.

Link building is one of the most important steps Off Page search engine optimisation plan. Doing this well and safely can result big.  But this is not common in the SEO world because it takes time and time is money.


Offpage SEO

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SEO trends 2015

SEO trends 2015: Search Engine Optimization Tips for better SEO in 2015 and beyond, this video lesson outlines how to target keywords for Google.

Backlink building is one of the most important steps on search engine optimisation. As Google rank the site with their backlink counting system. If you have good keyword in your post and have some backlinks your job is done and wait for the results. Traffic will come automacially and conversion will be higher.

This video will show you how to achieve first page organic Google rankings, selecting important keywords and keep repeating the targeted keywords throughout the landing page web copy. It also describes backlink building, Keyword analysis, conversion optimisation.

SEO Keywords

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