When you are able to build links pointing to your website, you are able to improve your website position very quickly. Inbound Link building is essential to the success of any search engine optimization campaign, and is likely what will push you to the top of the first page listings. There is a specific strategy that must be used when doing this, made up of several different techniques. Here is an overview of inbound link building 101, something that you can start doing today and start to see the benefits of doing so within the next few weeks.

Inbound Link Building 101

The first step of the process is to write down all of the pages that you would like to boost to the top of the search engines, targeting one specific keyword. The URLs for each of those pages will be the focus of the post that you will make, and you should build one link for each page every couple of days. It is important to not use the same keyword in the anchor text that will be pointing back to your website.

Many experts have shown that you should only use the main keyword for each page less than 10% of the time. From the perspective of the search engine algorithms, it is unnatural for people to receive multiple links using the keyword that they want to rank for. Therefore, you need to emulate what looks natural. You also need to build very slowly, no more than a few links every day, and do so in an intermittent order.

How To Schedule Your Link Building

The schedule that you will want to use should be done on a spreadsheet. You should randomize when youinbound linking make a post to each page. The links that you point back to each of the pages should come from a wide variety of Web 2.0 properties.

This can be blogs, social media sites, and private blog networks if you own one. Make sure that your PBNs are cloaked, specifically eliminating any contact information that could be found that would link your websites to you. By linking from them, it will appear as if they are coming from different IP addresses, from different websites that were registered by many different people, yet you are the owner of them all.

You should post links between one and five days each, and they should never follow a set schedule. You should also add anchor text that is both long and short, with the hyperlink within the content so that it looks natural. This is a basic overview of inbound link building 101, and by following these simple steps, you should see top rankings for most of the pages on your website.