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Google’s favorite animals: Panda and Penguin

Are you guilty of the following? Watch this video to find out on the issues surrounding Google Panda and Penguin. Do not fret and be affected by Google penalties. Do proper SEO and avoid losing money due to lower traffic! Take a look at this!

Google PandaGoogle Penguin


Have you noticed a difference in your website’s numbers? Maybe your website has been penalized by Google?

Your website might have been affected by Google penalties namely Panda and Penguin. With such cute animal names corresponds a website’s trait that Google analyzes and punishes once it knows that the website is guilty of something that dilutes the quality of search engine information found on Google. Google Panda ensures that low quality and poor content websites are pushed down so that high quality sites are prioritized. Meanwhile, Google Penguin catches sites that are spamming to increase their search rankings.

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Misinformation about SEO

Bothered by the various misinformation on the internet about Search Engine Optimization? Getting coSEO-Misinformation-Exposed-300x215nfused on what and what not to do? Well, this is your lucky day since you will have an opportunity to look answer those with this informative video. Some of the issues tackled include “Don’t waste your time vs. I don’t know everything”, “Mass regurgitated half truths”, “Best SEO is private and requires work to understand” and “Different, legitimate approaches”,

Do not be misinformed and be alert. Be informed and sharpen up! Watch this now!

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