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Internet Marketing – Simple Break down

Internet Marketing – Simple Break down: Break Down of every Basic Steps of Internet Marketing

Want to be Paid by Internet Marketing? Worry no more, this video by Daniel Mccall contains simple explanation of different steps of Interenet Marketing and being paid. It mainly covers how you get traffic like from SEO, SMM and different other aspects.

KeyPoints: Get traffic on your website by —

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Paid Traffic(Paid Website)
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • Social Engagement(SMM)


Internet Marketing

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Dallas SEO Geek: SEO Online Presence Analysis

Want to know what your Dallas SEO opportunities are?

Find out what your competition is doing online and what you can do to beat them with a free Online Presence Analysis. This will show you how to beat your competition at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Dallas. This will Search Engine Optimizationalso give you some free tips that will quickly change your search engine rankings.

My business philosophy about internet marketing is different than most other people and companies out there. I always try to build win-win scenarios that result in great long-term relationships. I’m definitely not out there to grab as much money as possible and then not give you Search Marketing results. That doesn’t help my business at all!

An Online Presence Analysis always starts with Keyword Research. If an internet marketing company gives you a proposal without showing you the Keyword Research, then they are doing you a disservice. Keywords are essentially search phrases. You MUST know what your market is searching before you can target them!!

Make sure you are given “exact” search count and not “broad” This is a more conservative and realistic number.

Once you know what people are searching and how much, then it is extremely beneficial to calculate the value of that traffic to your business. This can be estimated pretty closely when you understand the average rates of conversions at different steps of the sales process and the value of a customer.

Sometimes Dallas Search Engine Optimization may not be worth it to you! There may be too few searches for you to make much money on. It may be so competitive that, even though there are a decent amount of searches, it is again not cost effective.

I will tell you if I think the opportunity is not here. I DON’T WANT TO SELL YOU SOMETHING THAT WILL NOT PROVIDE BENEFIT TO YOUR BUSINESS.

On the other hand, a lot of the times, the level of competition combined with the quantity of search traffic makes for a GREAT opportunity even if we have to use an aggressive Dallas SEO plan.

When showing you the competition, I will show you what your competitors are doing right and wrong with their online marketing. I will also show you what you are doing right and wrong. At the very least you will get some actionable tips that will help with your SEO performance in Dallas.

So, you win even if you just watch my Online Presence Analysis video.

You want an Internet Marketing Company In Dallas that can provide real Search Engine Optimization results. I’ve provided real marketing results for many websites and can do the same for you. Click on the Dallas SEO Geek link just below this video and contact me to get your FREE Online Presence Analysis.

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Which is better: SEO or Other Internet Marketing Methods

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a valuable tool to promote your business to a bigger customer base. However, not all businesses have to undergo SEO to increase profit and customers. This video discusses several upsides of using other internet marketing methods.


Facebook can be a useful tool for those who do not have need SEO.


LinkedIn could be used to improve the business’ presence without any additional cost.

Among those is the free social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Both are free to use unlike Google Adwords.  Other examples are Affiliate Marketing and Amazon are also alternative ways to promote your product/ service. But beware since not all are applicable to use the said techniques.

download (1)

Amazon is an amazing way to promote and sell your product online.

Knowing whether you need SEO or not is important, since you will be spending money to improve the visibility of your business. Think wisely and watch this video!


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